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Developmental Neuroethology at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Functional Neuroanatomy

Our work with the marmoset monkey has led us to study the ‘cry circuit,’ the pathways in the brain of the infant responsible for controlling cry production, and the pathways in the listener (care-giver) that are activated upon hearing an infant cry, leading to adaptive behavior (approaching and picking the infant up). For this purpose, we are using c-fos immunocytochemistry. More will follow about the procedures and results from our studies with this method.

Brain Atlas

We prepared a brain atlas to assist in identifying the structures containing neurons labeled with the c-fos procedure in crying infants and listeners of infant cries. Clicking on ‘Brain Atlas’ will take you to the atlas, and more details about its preparation and the people who made it possible.

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