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Developmental Neuroethology at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development


Selected Publications:

Newman, J.D., and Harris, J.C. The Scientific Contributions of Paul D. MacLean. The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 197:3-5 (2009). (PDF-281KB)

Bock, N.A.; Paiva, F.F.; Nascimento, G.C.; Newman, J.D.; Silva, A.C. Cerebrospinal fluid to brain transport of manganese in a non-human primate revealed by MRI. Brain Research 1198: 160-170 (2008). (PDF-1574KB)

Newman, J.D. Neural circuits underlying crying and cry responding in mammals. Behavioral Brain Research 182: 155-165 (2007). (PDF-492KB)

Lorberbaum, J. P.; Newman, J.D.; Horwitz, A.R.; Dubno, J.R.; Lydiard, R. B.; Hamner, M. B.; Bohning, D. E.; George, M. S. A potential role for thalamocingulate circuitry in human maternal behavior. Biological Psychiatry, 51: 431-445 (2002).

Guard, HJ; Newman, JD; Roberts, RL: Morphine administration selectively facilitates social play in common marmosets. Developmental Psychobiology, 41: 37-49 (2002).

Soltis, J; Bernhards, D.; Donkin, H.; Newman, JD.: The squirrel monkey chuck call: vocal response to playback chucks based on acoustic structure and affiliative relationship with the caller. American Journal of Primatology, 57: 119-130 (2002).

Cohen-Mansfield, J.; Werner, P.; Hammerschmidt, K.; Newman, J.D, Acoustic properties of vocally disruptive behaviors in the nursing home. Gerontology, 49: 161-167 (2003).

Newman, JD: Vocal communication and the triune brain. Physiology & Behavior, 79: 495-502 (2003).

Soltis, J; Wegner, FH; Newman, JD. Adult cortisol response to immature offspring play in captive squirrel monkeys. Physiology & Behavior, 80: 217-223 (2003).

Newman JD. Infant crying and colic: what lies beneath. Behav Brain Sci 2004;27:470-471 Newman, JD.

Motherese by any other name: mother-infant communication in non-hominin mammals. Commentary on "Prelinguistic evolution in early hominins: whence motherese?" by D. Falk, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 2004; 27: 519-520.

Soltis, J; Wegner, FH, Newman, JD. Urinary prolactin is correlated with mothering and allo-mothering in squirrel monkeys. Physiology & Behavior, 84: 295-301 (2005).

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